Our Story

Wire Toy Bakkies, 4X4, Cars, Trucks, Trailers & Caravans are hand made toys and can be given as gifts and collectibles for any age group.

Addressing unemployment on a farm in the heart of South Africa the Dreyer family enthusiastically started a small project concerning provision of employment. The existing traditional car constructed of wire, which most of the young rural men could make, was modernised and introduced to the public. The project grew into a profitable business which provided jobs to many young men.

In 2012 For Keeps Toys bought the business and moved it to Bloemfontein. It is now trading under the name Africars for Keeps.

Bloemfontein have an unemployment rate of 27% (2011 data). This rate is much higher under the youth (37%).

Thorough and long standing tests

Our cars are tested at nursery schools to ensure a durable and strong wire car.

Hard Steel wire

A car constructed of hard drawn steel wire to guarantee many kilometers of fun.

Big light-weight wheels

Bigger wheels ensure it is easier to drive on rough terrain.

Runs on lots of child energy

No batteries needed. Lots of pleasure and get children of the couch.

Durable powder coating

Bright, durable powder coated and baked paints are used.

An educational toy

Develops basic driving techniques as well as eye-hand coordination.

A replica of a popular modern car

Drive a SUV, 4x4 or car just like mum and dad.